Development of a Stainless Steel Powder Batch Weigh System

Batch Weighing System DrawingClick to enlarge Batch Weighing System Drawing

Material handling applications present some of the most challenging equipment customization scenarios. Changes to process or upgrades to increase safety or efficiency, combined with the limitation of existing equipment integration, all pose many difficulties. This is the scenario that brought this customer to us at Avon Lake Sheet Metal.

In this project, a Cleveland manufacturer needed a custom fabricated powder batch weigh system fabricated. Their current configuration was creating a serious ergonomic issue, which needed to be addressed to maintain maximum employee safety. What we provided this customer was a complete turnkey solution that not only met their safety concerns, but price point and scheduling as well.

The process began with the development of a design that would provide all the features required, and integrate seamlessly with the existing material handling system. The final design included a stainless steel product and weigh hopper with aluminum lids, dust covers and galvanized steel dust collection duct work, carbon steel structural supports, as well as access stairs and a walkway. Additionally, we also provided a roller conveyor system, vibratory feeders, load cells, and PLC controlled weighing system.

The development of the structural and mechanical design elements was 3D modeled prior to fabrication. The fabrication process used a wide range of our fabrication capabilities and included sawing, shearing, forming, rolling, laser cutting, and welding. All of the material contacts points were composed of stainless steel that was polished to a mirror finish; all of the structural steel elements were painted. The finished unit was composed of material that varied in thickness from 16 gage up to 0.50”. The finished dimensions measured 20’-4” in length and 18’-9” in width. Once completed, we also provided installation on-site, with minimal disruption to operations.

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Stainless Steel Powder Batch Weigh System Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Powder Batch Weigh System
  • Stainless Steel Product Contact Surfaces
Project Scope
Design, Fabricate, and Install Powder Batch Weigh System to address ergonomic concerns in an industrial setting. Integrate system with customer’s existing material handling equipment and procedures. Fabricate material hoppers, weigh hopper, structural supports, access stairs and walkway. Fabricate hinged hopper dust covers and dust collection ductwork. Provide feeders, scales, roller conveyor and PLC Control system. Install system on customer’s plant floor.
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Product Designing
  • Coordinated Structural and Mechanical Design
  • 3D Modeling

  • Laser Cutting
  • Sawing
  • Shearing
  • Rolling
  • Forming
  • Welding

Field Installation
Integration of 3rd Party Vibratory Feeders, Load Cells, and PLC Weighing System.
Overall Part Dimensions
Length: 20’-4”
Width: 18’-9”
Material Thickness: 16 Ga. to 0.50”
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Type 304 Stainless Steel Hoppers, Carbon Structural Steel, Galvanized Steel Ductwork, Aluminum Hopper Lids
Material Finish
Painted Carbon Steel, Bright Finish Stainless Steel
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Dimensional Inspection, Functionality Testing
Delivery Location
Cleveland, OH
Standards Met
Customer Specifications

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